Cistern Society

By fallalumniweekend
Posted on 2 October 2017 | 4:55 pm

The Cistern Society

Estate gifts are among the highest compliments that donors can pay to organizations that they care about. The College of Charleston is honored to be included in the personal legacies of its supporters. The Cistern Society honors those alumni, faculty and friends who preserve the College of Charleston tradition for generations to come through an estate gift. Planned gifts leave a legacy that allows future students to experience the joy of an unparalleled education in the liberal arts and sciences. The name was chosen because the Cistern, at the center of the campus, has served as the heart of the College for generations.

To join the Cistern Society, use FreeWill, a free, online tool that guides you through the process of creating a will in 20 minutes or less. Get started today.

Have you already included a gift to the College of Charleston Foundation in your will, but have not yet been recognized? Please fill out this form to let us know.

Porter’s Circle

At the 25th annual Cistern Society donor luncheon in February 2020, Peggy Cieslikowski, director of Planned Giving, announced the launch of the Porter’s Circle, which aims to recognize young alumni who are no more than 15 years out of college and who make a planned gift of at least five percent from any asset in their portfolio.

During the inaugural year of the Porter’s Circle, which coincides with the College’s 250th Anniversary, 11 alumni stepped forward to make a planned gift and help ensure robust educational opportunities for future Cougars.

The goal of the Porter’s Circle is to engage young alumni in a way that appeals to their desire to support their alma mater and to see the impact they can have on students, as well as work for them from a financial standpoint. Many younger graduates are still growing personally and professionally, so their discretionary income may be limited. However, a planned gift or a combination planned gift plus current use gift may provide a more feasible option for making charitable contributions.

Let Us Help You

If you would like additional information on making a planned gift or on being recognized and thanked by the Cistern Society or Porter’s Circle, please contact Peggy Cieslikowski at