By John Stabinger
Posted on 22 July 2019 | 6:50 pm

Faculty and Staff Giving Back

Preserving Academic Excellence at the College of Charleston

We, the faculty and staff, define the strength of the College of Charleston by the commitment we give to our students and colleagues. Each one of us strives to provide the highest quality of programs and services to preserve academic excellence. With this effort we influence students on a daily basis and play an integral role in their success and achievements.

As College of Charleston faculty and staff, you invest your time and talent in the College and our students every day. When you extend your contributions to include philanthropy, you express your belief in the College’s mission and actively support our long-standing culture of excellence.

Please join us in support of our institution by making a gift today to the College of Charleston Fund, or to the cause, school, or department you are most passionate about at the College. Faculty and staff participation plays an important role in ensuring the College’s success as well as influencing gifts from corporations and foundations, which consider faculty and staff giving rates when determining their own support for the College of Charleston.

Every single gift makes a difference, no matter the size. Access the complete list of available funds.

How to make your gift


I want to make my gift via payroll deduction.


You can make your gift by credit card by using the form on the left sidebar.


I want to make my gift via a pledge or check. Please complete this form and return by email or campus mail to Sottile House.

Committee Members

Melantha Ardrey ’02, Committee Co-Chair, Director of Residence Life, Student Affairs

Shelly Brew, Operations Manager, School of Science and Mathematics

Jillian Clayton-Smallwood ‘10, Assistant to the Dean, School of Languages, Cultures and World Affairs

Dr. George Dickinson, Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

Meredith English-Perrone, Director of Brand Marketing, Marketing and Communications

Elizabeth Kassebaum ’82, Executive Secretary to the Board of Trustees and Vice President for College Projects, President’s Office

Dr. Amy Kolak, Associate Professor, Psychology

Todd McNerney, Committee Co-Chair, Associate Dean – School of the Arts, Professor – Department of Theatre and Dance

Sarah Myer ’09 Director of Admissions Operations

Elizabeth Roberts ’14, Associate Director of Admissions, Honors College

Carla Stewart, Director of Student Support Services, School of Professional Studies, Undergraduate Programs

Markus Williams, Electrician, Building & Equipment Maintenance