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Gifts to the College of Charleston have affected many people as alumni, friends, faculty and staff and parents. We encourage you to share the story of how making a gift or being the beneficiary of a gift to the College has impacted your life. Let's get started »

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Scholarship Recipient Profiles

Scholarships play a vital role in attracting and retaining some of the country’s most talented and motivated students. There is no better way to help shape the future of a promising student than through supporting a scholarship fund.


Geoffrey Gill

“My scholarship helped me afford the extra price of an incredible study abroad experience.”


Kim Iv

“My scholarship has helped me make amazing friends and encouraged me to focus on my studies”


Sophie Forstein

“My favorite experiences at the College of Charleston have occurred in the School of Business, where I have participated in many special projects and groups.”


Ka’Dedra Andrea Creech

“That scholarship changed everything for me. It let me focus on my studies and not be so hungry.”

Carissa Jenkins

I will always thank my donors for allowing me to make my dreams a reality.

Quinten Meadors

“Receiving these scholarships has alleviated much of the financial burden for my family and me.”


By fallalumniweekend
Posted on 20 September 2017 | 1:24 pm