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Supporting CofC is one of the best investments you can make. Every gift, no matter what the size, contributes to a circle of support. The cumulative impact of giving goes beyond the borders of the campus, into the local community and out into the world.

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As a donor to the College of Charleston, you have the power to enrich the academic environment, personalize the experience and shape the future for more than 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

Center for Creative Retirement Scholarship Focuses on Gerontology

In 2004, CCR established the Center for Creative Retirement Scholarship. Today, it provides $5,000 a year in scholarships to students studying gerontology at CofC.

69 Years Later, Scholarship Carries on Professor’s Love of Learning

Patricia Hughes Farrow 48 and her husband, Thomas Ferguson Farrow 49 (the two met while at CofC) established the Horatio Hughes Memorial Scholarship in 2011.

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Follow your passion.

Each year, private support to the College of Charleston plays a critical role in preserving our place as one of the nation's best public liberal arts and sciences universities.

Philanthropy or the philanthropist at the College is not defined by the gift or the size of the gift. What matters is the belief, commitment and the desire to be an active part of the College’s future. Your support impacts every corner of our campus from scholarships to research funds for faculty, academic programs to cutting-edge technology.

Giving Profiles

Geoffrey Gill

“My scholarship helped me afford the extra price of an incredible study abroad experience.”


Kim Iv

“My scholarship has helped me make amazing friends and encouraged me to focus on my studies”


Sophie Forstein

“My favorite experiences at the College of Charleston have occurred in the School of Business, where I have participated in many special projects and groups.”


Ka’Dedra Andrea Creech

“That scholarship changed everything for me. It let me focus on my studies and not be so hungry.”