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Travel Award Provides Priceless Opportunities

School of Humanities and Social Sciences alumna Jessica Fisher ’96 established the Fisher Parker Travel Fund to assist students who wish to pursue internships or coursework outside the greater Charleston area, including study abroad. She created the award to commemorate her relationship with her sister, Meg Parker, and to fulfill their shared vision of helping students pursue the dreams that they’d thought were financially out of reach.

The first two recipients – Katherine Calabro ’17 (shown here) and Madeline Leibin ’18 – were named in 2016. Calabro and Leibin share their experiences made possible Fisher’s gift:

“I’m delighted to say that receiving the Fisher Parker Travel Award allowed me to have one of the best experiences in my life,” says Calabro, who traveled to Morocco in May 2016. “While the Fisher Parker Travel Award allowed me to study my favorite topic, it also allowed me the opportunity to see the realities of Moroccan life outside of what any textbook could try to teach me. And to me, that’s priceless.”

Leibin agrees: “Years from now, when I look back and reflect, I will remember the generosity of the donors and nestle it close to my fondest memories. Thank you.”

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