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Alumna Creates the College’s First Residential Scholarship

Alumna Creates the College’s First Residential Scholarship

By fallalumniweekend
Posted on 1 November 2017 | 12:50 pm — 

It’s not on the National Register of Historic Places. It wasn’t built or owned by some prominent 19th-century Charlestonian. It doesn’t lay claim to any state-of-the-art student-focused attributes. In fact, it was never even intended for students. In many ways, it’s the College’s architectural and aesthetic black sheep. But for the thousands of students who’ve called it home, there’s no place quite like College Lodge.

This sentiment certainly holds true for Kristen Faretra Bowden ’95, who lived in College Lodge for four of her five years as a CofC student. Many of Kristen’s best memories at the College of Charleston involve College Lodge. That’s why she and her husband Greg created the 402 Scholarship in celebration of College Lodge. The name honors Kristen’s old room number: 402.

As the first scholarship in the College’s history to support students in a particular residence hall, the Bowdens’ gift is proof that philanthropy can be fun!

Sure, College Lodge is still a little at odds with the rest of buildings on campus, but residents past and present agree that there is no place like College Lodge. Thanks to the Bowdens, this quirky residence hall can also lay claim to the one and only residential hall scholarship at the College of Charleston

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