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Every gift matters

Do alumni help impact the College’s national reputation?
The answer is simple: Absolutely. By giving every year, your support:

  • Helps CofC enroll the most promising students.
    Gifts to the College of Charleston Fund provide over 250 students each year with scholarship dollars. Without these crucial scholarship dollars many of our amazing students would have to go elsewhere.
  • Ensures the quality of a College of Charleston education.
    Philanthropy enhances the caliber of faculty that the College of Charleston can recruit and retain, strengthens academic programs and improves campus facilities and services.
  • Affects College of Charleston’s national ranking.
    Publications such as U.S. News and World Report consider the number of alumni who contribute annually when developing their rankings. Annual gifts can grow and sustain the College of Charleston’s reputation for excellence.
  • Inspires others to give, creating a multiplier effect.
    Alumni giving is a vote of confidence in the university. Additional alumni and other types of donors (such as corporations and foundations) want to know they’re investing in an institution that has the support of its community.

Do your part, be a part of the #CougarEffect by making a gift today.

Swanson Scholars

Steve and Emily Swanson

Steve Swanson '89 and Emily Molony Swanson '89 have started a scholarship fund that will bring the best and brightest to the Honors College at CofC.
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